A lot of security solutions

User safety during flight time is a key issue for Lovenie. We have deployed many resources and innovations to guarantee optimal safety for users on board and around the activity. Our sales contract imposes special conditions of use, but we are not immune to the use outside these recommendations by unconscious and disrespectful customers… Everything has been done to reduce risk areas.

Kart safety

  • The power of the kart has been limited for the greatest pleasure of the user
  • The speed of the kart has been limited to obtain the best sensations
  • Flipping the kart is made impossible
  • The flight height of the kart is restricted to two meters from the ground
  • The kart is equipped with an anti-contact cell, to avoid any collisions
  • The propellers are placed under protective grids
  • Easy access to batteries for quick removal

Driving safety

Radio link between the facilitator and the user during test and rental sessions

Digital display of piloting information

Dual control system, allowing you to take control of the karting from a remote control

Wearing a helmet is mandatory

The use of overalls, boots and gloves is strongly recommended

Safety on site

  • Specific geolocated beaconing is carried out to impose the flight within a defined perimeter and prohibit any exit from the piloting area
  • The use of karts is done in rallies, one after the other. Depending on the length of the track, it is possible to use several karts at the same time, but with a safety distance between two karts of fifty meters