Flying has always been part of our dreams

To live this experience we usually have two solutions: either we enter the world of extreme sports and we practice base jumping, skydiving, Wingsuit but it requires great expertise and it is not without risks. Or we prefer simulated flight: video games or augmented reality, but it is very artificial.

Our project allows everyone to fly simply and freely as one does karting, skiing, mountain biking or sailing. Whether you are with your family and children, with your friends in entertainment mode, or even in sport and competition mode. This is the reason why we imagined the Lovenie kart.

It seems crazy but the technologies exist and we are able to build a flying, safe, fast, handy, sporty, ecological vehicle, offering unimaginable sensations.


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An innovative and unique leisure concept

The concept gives priority to leisure sport and driving pleasure. If you are a fan of mechanical sports : car, karting, motorcycle, ULM, paragliding…then the Lovenie concept will make you dream.Imagine enjoying time with family or friends, in one of our leisure centers, flying in an innovative and secure vehicle. After a briefing during which you will be introduced to piloting techniques and safety rules, the adventure in the air is yours. And if you love that, then change category and launch yourself into the Lovenie trophy.

Lovenie is first and foremost a team

The creation of the Lovenie company, its concept and its development are based on a team of three people with its feet on the ground and its head in the stars. 


The visionary and serial entrepreneur David Dricourt, director of the companies, Fiscallia and Gobbans is at the origin of the concept “to fly a kart”


Philippe Coussemaekerdirector of the company eMax Digital will take charge of the communication of the project. Its objective is to develop the notoriety of Lovenie, to make the project visible to investors, partners and future users.

Alexandre Lambert joined the Lovenie project as a designer. He runs Industrial Design Company Nudge and wowed us all with the profile he gave to Lovenie kart

What is Lovenie? A playful and original flying object

The operation of our vehicles is based on technology derived from drones. Depending on the weight, type and use of the vehicle, four or eight motors are used to organize the movement of the machine. The autopilot is the brain of the vehicle,thanks to which we define the power and the speed for maximum safety.

You imagine piloting the racing module of Sebulba (Star Wars 1) or the Landspeeder of Solo, and imagination becomes reality with the concept of Lovenie. Built on the basis of a racing kart, to keep the feeling of driving a car, the first model is an octocopter of about 90 kW, single-seater, electric with an autonomy of about 15 minutes. The batteries are interchangeable in less than 5 minutes, which makes it possible to chain laps.

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Why invest in Lovenie ? 

Invest in an innovative and disruptive project! This is the proposal of the Lovenie team.

We invite you to join us and help us finance a concept of leisure without equivalent in Europe. Our proposal is based on the sale of pleasure, sensation, and sport at the controls of an exceptional vehicle! Come participate in the development of an unrivalled leisure concept.

We do not sell promises, only concrete!

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Your investment will accelerate the development of the Global Lovenie concept:

  • The construction, standardization and marketing for sale, of leisure and sports vehicles, that are environmentally friendly
  • The creation of innovative, welcoming places of leisure, offering quality services, shop, bar and restaurant
  • The operation and animation of these centers with the rental of Lovenie vehicles in leisure or competition mode

Our partnership proposals are based on three axes:

  • Donation with consideration
  • Investment in Royalties
  • Entry into the capital

The Lovenie World Cup: The First Flykart Races

The Lovenie World Cup marks an exciting era of aerial competitions, disrupting the landscape of sports and entertainment. Our event aims to showcase the innovative concept of FlyKart, a bold fusion of the thrill of traditional karting and the enchantment of flight.

Between September 2025 and June 2026, this pioneering competition will transport you to a world where adrenaline, skill, and innovation come together in an exceptional way.

lovenie world cup

The Lovenie World Cup takes participants to extraordinary locations, providing spectacular aerial tracks for unique pilot challenges. Expect to be surprised by the unusual tracks and environments.

With teams of 6 fearless pilots competing in captivating challenges, testing their agility, strategy, and determination. Some teams will prioritize speed, others energy management, and some precision. Victory will belong to the team that can align the most talents.

Want to participate? If you love thrills, sports, or traditional karting, the Lovenie World Cup is your chance to shine. Join us for an exciting and technological experience. Sign up today to be part of this aerial revolution and help write the history of air sports.

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