The tours

The places of practice

The choice of the place of use is important in our approach. As we have already specified, the Lovenie vehicle is a flying kart that we want to use as a rolling kart, but without touching the ground. The Lovenie flying go-kart does laps around the track like a rolling go-kart does. Even if some ue adaptations are necessary, we are staying in the world of karting, and what’s more, without damaging the bitumen!

It is therefore natural that we plan to open a Lovenie leisure center using a go-kart circuit.

The go-karting circuit

These existing places have the advantage of offering a built environment, with medium distances and a pleasant and complete reception offer.

The racing circuit

In the same way as karting circuits, car circuits offer an identical service with greater distances and a wider track width as well.

Various places

Other places could be suitable for the use of flying karts, in particular racetracks which offer a different track, but with a very interesting reception structure.

On a temporary basis, it is planned to create tracks in a closed and protected environment, in the forest, in the plain or even on the sea or lake.

As you will have understood, the use of Lovenie karts is possible in many sites, to the delight of the drivers.